Appearing as a Delegation before the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine Board

Appearing as a Delegation before the
Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine Board
When are Regional District Board Meetings Held?
Regional District Board (“the Board”) meetings are normally held on Friday following the third Monday of each month.  An annual schedule is set but can be varied during the year with due notice by resolution of the Board.
Regular Board Meetings normally begin at 7:00 p.m.  Committee Meeting times vary.  Meeting schedules are posted on the Regional District Notice Board and Website.  Agendas and meeting minutes are available on the website and at the Regional District office.  Regular meetings of the Board and Committees are open to the public.
How do I make a presentation to the Board?
Individuals or groups may appear before the Board or Committee.  Delegations address the Board usually during the first portion of the Board Meeting, under “Delegations & Guests” or under “Petitions”.  At the discretion of the Chair time is also scheduled near the end of the meeting to allow questions from the public regarding an agenda item discussed. It is recommended to apply in advance to be listed on the Agenda.  Delegations to the Board shall be allowed a reasonable time to make their presentations and submissions, though most presentations are typically under 10 minutes.  If you require more than 10 minutes to deliver your presentation advance notice to the Regional District staff should be provided to facilitate meeting schedule.  After receiving your presentation the Board may deal with the item immediately following the presentation or later in the meeting.  Potential actions include receive for information, refer to a Committee or Administration, issue a directive or decision or other such action as deemed appropriate.
When it is time to present, the Chair will call your Delegation to come forward and present.  Please be sure to state your name and any organization or group you are representing.  The Chair and/or Directors may ask you questions during or at the end of your presentation.  Once you have finished your presentation, you may resume your seat and watch the remainder of the meeting.  If you decide to leave the meeting at this time, please leave in a quiet, orderly manner so as not to interrupt the proceedings.
A Regional District Board is composed of “Directors” and led by a “Chair”, unlike a Municipal Council led by a Mayor.
How do I get listed on the Board Agenda?
The Regular Board Agenda is finalized on the Friday morning, the week prior to the Board Meeting.  Please complete a Delegation Request Form in advance by fax 250-635-9222 or email to be included on the agenda and provide: contact information, including group affiliation if applicable; the topic you wish to present; a description of any action you wish the Board to undertake; and any presentation material to be circulated to the Board in advance.  If you require any audio/visual equipment please advise staff at this time.  If you have any questions regarding your presentation, please contact Regional District Administration at 250-615-6100, toll free 1-800-663-3208, or
Is there any other way to have my concerns addressed by the Board?
You don’t need to be in attendance to communicate with the Regional District Board.  You can also write to the Chair and Board, 300–4545 Lazelle Avenue, Terrace, BC, V8G 4E1 or email to have your item included on the next agenda for consideration by the Board.
What happens to my correspondence or presentation to the Board?
Correspondence addressed to the Board or an item that is a Board matter is normally included on the public Board or Committee meeting agenda for consideration, Board direction and decision.  Please note for any item to remain confidential the item must meet the requirements of the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in order to be excluded from the public agenda.  The Regional District considers the author’s name and address relevant to the Board’s consideration and will disclose this personal information.  The author’s phone number and email address is not relevant and should not be included in the correspondence if the author does not wish this information disclosed.  Please contact Regional District Administration if you have any questions or concerns.
Not all correspondence is acknowledged or provided with a response.  It depends on the type and nature of the correspondence and whether a reply is sought or needed at the discretion of Administration or at the direction of the Board if the item is Board Correspondence or a Board matter.
What if I have a comment or concern and don’t want to attend the Board meeting or correspond with the Board?
Please contact the appropriate Regional District department directly during regular working hours.