Controlled Waste Process

Controlled Waste Process 

Certain materials are considered Controlled Waste in Regional District's Rates and Regulations Bylaws to assist in the proper management and disposal.  While different bylaws are in effect for the Hazelton and Highway 37 North or the Terrace Service Areas,  what is considered "controlled waste" is consistent.

Controlled Waste Permits are required to ensure safe handling of materials and to allow proper coordination with the site operator through disposal.  Large loads of material may require additional logistical considerations, which the permitting process allows for.

What is Controlled Waste?

Controlled Waste Applications will be required for all loads greater than 5m3, as well as septage, large animal carcasses, soils, incinerator waste ash, and broken concrete and asphalt.

Hazelton and Highway 37 North:  Please see Bylaw No. 688, 2017, Schedule C for more complete details on "What is Controlled Waste" and the regulations that apply.  

For Terrace Area:  see Bylaw 671,2017, Schedule C for for more complete details on "What is Controlled Waste" and the regulations that apply.  

Who Needs to Apply?

Users who likely need to apply for Controlled Waste Permits include septage haulers, contractors, earthworks and engineering firms, and waste hauling or bin rental companies.  Please note that those intending to use Terrace Area Facility (Forceman Ridge) will also require a credit account with the Regional District. See Terrace Area Services and Programs

What's the Process?

The Controlled Waste Application can be submitted via an online fillable PDF form. Applications can take 2 to 5 business days to process, depending on the material being disposed. 

Once an application is approved, the hauler must have the approved permit in hand to tip the load on the specified date.