GTP Stations of the Skeena

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Stations on the Skeena, Hazelton to Prince Rupert in 1914.

(as listed in GTP Time Table No. 10, Sept 6, 1914)


Station Name Miles from Prince Rupert
Hazelton 176.9
Carnaby 169.9
Nash 162.7
Andimaul 158.0
Kitwanga 153.4
Woodcock 145.8
Cedarvale 140.4
Dorreen 125.5
*Pacific 119.4
Pitman 113.9
Usk 107.2
Vanarsdol 100.2
Terrace 94.6
Amsbury 85.0
Shames 76.9
Exstew 69.9
Salvus 58.1
Kwinitsa 46.4
Skeena City 32.8
Tyee 26.5
Sockeye 16.7
Phelan 10.7


GTP 100-152 Stations at Usk (L) 1936 and Salvus (R) 1914 

Pacific (Nicholl) GTP Station 1914

GTP 100-159 Station at Pacific (formerly Nicholl) 1914

Photo Courtesy The McCubbin Collection 

* All stations were the GTP standard Design ‘A’ Plan 100-152 type except for the station at Pacific which was a Design ‘F’ Plan 100-159 station because Pacific was a divisional point. The primary difference with the Design ‘F’ station was that they were 18 feet longer to allow for a restaurant. The Pacific station was the same type station that is in Jasper, Alberta and Biggar Saskatchewan.  The station was destroyed by fire in 1935.  [1]

[1] Canadian National’s Western Stations, Bohi & Kozma and personal communication with Les Kozma