Heritage Advisory Commission

The Regional District Heritage Advisory Commission (HAC) is an 8 member Commission (5 alternate members) that advices the Regional District Board on heritage related matters within the Regional District.  Members of the Commission are appointed by the Regional District Board and are made up of public volunteers from across the Regional District that are interested in heritage issues within their community.  In an effort to gain a broad perspective on heritage matters within the Regional District, Commission representation is a follows: 

  • 1 member from the Terrace area (and an alternate)
  • 1 member from the Kitimat area (and an alternate)
  • 1 member from the Hazelton area (and an alternate)
  • 1 member from the Stewart and Nass area (and an alternate)
  • 1 member from the Dease Lake, Iskut and Telegraph Creek area (and an alternate)
  • 3 members at large

Plus a non-voting Regional District Board representative and Regional District staff member.

Commission members are appointed for a term of 2 years and can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.  Alternate members (if appointed) only need to attend meetings if a voting member is unable to attend. 

There are typically 3 to 4 meetings a year and they are most often carried out by conference call.  The only exception being a spring (April or May) meeting that is usually held in Terrace and if necessary travel costs can be reimbursed. 

When the Regional District Board initially created the Heritage Conservation Service the intent was to focus on the creation of a Community Heritage Registry.  At the time it was recognized that there were many heritage resources within the Regional District that where not being recognized by other jurisdictions (Federal or Provincial governments) therefore a local, Regional District method of recognizing significant historical sites was needed.  Through the Local Government Act the Regional District created a Heritage Conservation Service (Bylaw 520) and a Community Heritage Registry for the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine.  To date the creation of the Community Heritage Registry has been the primary focus of the Commission.  The members, based on previously established criteria, decide which historical sites should be added to the Registry.  Potential sites can be nominated by the public, Commission members or can come from the Regional District Heritage Values study.  Though the focus has primarily been the creation of the Heritage Registry from time to time Commission members have to provide recommendations or advice to the Regional District Board on other heritage related matters. 

A copy of the Heritage Advisory Commission Terms of Reference is available at the link below.  It will provide you with more details about the mandate of the Commission. 


If you are interested in applying to become a member of the Heritage Advisory Commission complete an application form and mail or fax it to the number or address listed on the form. 

 Heritage Advisory Commission meeting minutes: