ITT HAZ17-001 - Operations Contract -

ITT HAZ17-001
The Regional District of Kitimat Stikine invites tenders for the Operations of Hazelton Waste Management Facility and Kitwanga Transfer Station.  The work entails the operation and maintenance of these facilities which are key to the overall solid waste management system for the Hazeltons and Kitwanga areas.  Waste materials will be received at the Kitwanga Transfer Station and then transferred to the Hazleton site for disposal at the landfill.  Materials from some communities will be directly hauled to Hazelton.  The Operations Contractor will operate the Kitwanga Transfer Station, the haul trucks transferring waste to Hazelton and the Hazelton Landfill.  The Contractor will also support Regional District staff in the operation of the environmental control systems at the site, including a Septage Dewatering Facility and leachate treatment facilities, along with all other site activities necessary for the operation of the waste management system including the administration of tipping fees when implemented.

This ITT is  formally posted on BC Bid ( and will close on March 29, 2017 on or before 2:00 pm local time.  

It can also be viewed here as Tender Package.
Please note Addendum #1 pertains to confirming Tender enquiries contact person only.

A mandatory site visit to both facilities will be held on March 9th and a half day Operations Workshop will be held on March 10th.

All enquiries with respect to this ITT are to be directed in writing to:

Dr. Tony Sperling, P Eng.
Sperling Hansen Associates Inc.
8-1225 East Keith Road
North Vancouver, B.C.    V7J 1J3

Sealed Tenders, plainly marked on the envelope Tender for “Operation of Hazelton Waste Management Facility and Kitwanga Transfer Station” must be received on behalf of the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine at the following physical location:

                  Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine
                 300- 4545 Lazelle Ave
                 Terrace, BC  V8G 4E1
                 Attention:  Verna Wickie, Treasurer