Paying Taxes

Rural Property Tax applies to land outside cities, towns, district and village boundaries in British Columbia.  Rural property makes up 99.6% of British Columbia's land area.

You pay Rural Property Tax if you own land or occupy Crown Land outside a municipal boundary.  Both the land and any improvements on it, including residences, manufactured homes, and commercial or industrial buildings.

Taxes are also billed and collected on behalf of local service areas, regional districts, improvement districts and other local government agencies with taxing authority.

For more information on Rural Property Tax for BC the BC Provincial Government has a website at

Payment for Property Taxes

Property taxes may be paid as follows:

  • at government agents office
  • in personal bank, Credit Union or Trust Company
  • by mail - payable to the Minister of Finance - mailing address Suveyor of Taxes, PO Box 9446, STN Prov Govt, Victoria BC  V8W 9V6
  • through your mortgage agreement
  • by Internet/Telephone banking
    • payee Province of BC - Rural Property Tax
    • or payee BC - Rural Tax

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine cannot accept property tax payments.