Hazelton Area Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

Hazelton Area Integrated Solid Waste Management

The overarching principal of the Hazelton Area Integrated Solid Waste Plan is the avoidance of waste being landfilled through waste reduction practices, programs and services.  This approach acknowledges that each concept or aspect of the program is interlinked with the others with the long term goal to minimize waste generation, maximize reuse, recycling and material recovery, and dispose of all remaining waste responsibly.

NEW - The Kitwanga Transfer Station and the Hazelton Waste Management Facility are now in transition with some construction and commissioning processes still in progress.  This means new systems, more robust efforts to achieve waste diversion, new hours of operation and new operations contractor.  

See detailed information:  Information Insert as mailed for Kitwanga area or for Hazelton area; Bylaw 688, 2016 and Info "post card 1/2 for hours of operation, examples of restricted materials and where some materials can be marshalled for diversion. See other recycling information below.

In the Hazelton Area see information:

Solid Waste Management Facilities 

Composting - in Bear Country

Controlled Waste 

Recycling and Diversion Opportunities Hazelton and Kitwanga Area - REVISED

Recycling and Diversion Opportunities - Stewart

                                                                     - Border Town Recyling- "What We Collect"

Pending Projects - see the Project Update (March 2017)

Hazelton Phase 2 Waste Management Facility - 2017 - Under new Operations Contract
Kitwanga Transer Station - 2017 - Under new Operatins Contract 
Stewart Transfer Station and Landfill Closure  -See Project Update

Hazelton Area Waste Management - The Story of Garbage