Rural Terrace Water Systems



 The Regional District Terrace Rural Water System provides community water services to portions of Brauns Island and North Terrace, including, Dutch Valley, parts of Kalum Lake Road, Johns Road, Orde Road and parts of Merkley Road.  Click here for the Service Area Map. The City of Terrace supplies water to the system and provides water quality monitoring services.  The system was constructed to typical Municipal Standards and provides reliable quality water and a high fire protection standard.  Bylaw No. 571was adopted in 2011 to regulate the service and includes water conservation measures.  For Water Conservation Tips, visit the Zero Waste section of the Regional District website.

 Project History

 As early as 1984, some residents in North Terrace raised concerns about domestic water service and expressed interest in having a community water service extended to their area.  In 1987 and 1988 similar concerns and interests were raised by the residents of Merkley Road and Dutch Valley.  Over the next few years, discussions continued and feasibility studies were completed.  However it was determined that the City, at the time, did not have sufficient capacity to offer North Terrace water and residents felt that costs were too high for an independent system. 

In 1999, the spring flood led to widespread water well contamination on Brauns Island.  A boil water advisory was issued by Northwest Community Health Services.  Studies were completed and the Regional District secured $500,000 in funding to extend water service to Brauns Island.  However, after public consultation it was determined that there was significant public opposition to proceed. 

Additional studies were conducted including a 2007 analysis of some individual domestic water sources for North Terrace and Dutch Valley.  It was concluded that there were widespread problems involving bacteria contamination, high levels of turbidity and failure to meet well construction standards.  All sample sites failed to meet BC Ministry of Environment water source guidelines.

In 2007 the Regional District secured a conditional grant in the amount of $2.15 million from the Canada/BC Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund.  An Environmental Assessment has been completed and a recent pre-design has resulted in a cost estimate of $3.72 million to extend community water service to these proposed areas of North Terrace and Brauns Island.  The Regional District confirmed that recent City water system improvements were now capable of supplying water to the proposed system.

A Public Open House was held on November 5, 2008 for residents in parts of North Terrace and Brauns Island to outline the proposal to extend the City of Terrace water system into their areas.

The purpose of the open house was to explain the proposal, answer questions, and to prepare residents to make a decision in a referendum.  Representatives from the Regional District, city of Terrace, Northern Health and Stantec Consulting were available.

A referendum was held in conjunction with the municipal election on November 15, 2008.  The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine asked residents in parts of North Terrace and Brauns Island if they would like the City of Terrace Water System extended into their areas.  114 eligible electors voted 61% in favor of providing a community water system to 144 lots and authorized the Regional District of Kitimat–Stikine to enact Bylaw No. 563 and Bylaw No. 564 to provide for the following:

  • establish the “Terrace Rural Water System Service” within Electoral Area ‘C’ to provide for the supply, distribution and maintenance of a water system,
  • authorize the borrowing of up to $1,561,563 for the capital cost implementation of the Terrace Rural Water system Service, and
  • annually requisition up to a maximum of $175,000 imposed by parcel taxes and property value taxes applied to the net taxable value of land and improvements.