Subdivision in the Regional District

Subdivision of Land in the Regional District


The approving authority for all subdivisions within the Regional District is the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), therefore applications to subdivide property are submitted to the MOTI.  Click here for a link to the MOTI website. 


However, as part of the process of subdivision approval the MOTI sends referrals to a number of regulating agencies for comment, including the Regional District.  The Regional District, within its zoning bylaws and subdivision control bylaws has regulations for subdivision.  These include minimum parcel size, minimum frontage, setbacks of buildings, parkland acquisition and requirement for connection to water, sewer and other utility services.  In addition the Regional District is interested in responsible development and therefore may provide comment on property access, septic disposal, environmental protection, flooding issues and geotechnical concerns.


Some lands in the Regional District are within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).  Land within the ALR must also have permission to subdivide from the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).  Therefore, an owner of land wishing to subdivide will also be required to submit a subdivision application to the Agricultural Land Commission.  The Regional District acts as an agent for the Agricultural Land Commission and applications can be made through the Regional District office.  Click here for a link to the Agricultural Land Commission website. 


It is recommended that a property owner considering subdivision visit the Regional District Planning Department to discuss their plans prior to submitting a subdivision application to the MOTI.  Staff can provide advice and inform property owners of any requirements the Regional District has for subdivision.