Thornhill Community Centre

The Thornhill Community Centre offers a seating capacity of 300 persons. Includes a licensed kitchen with restaurant-sized grill and ovens, large fridge space and dishwasher. Separate bar area with fridge. Rentals to accommodate large or small gatherings. We offer competitive rates for weddings, dances and youth events. Daily and hourly rates offered depending on function. For further information and bookings call the Thornhill Animal Shelter, between the hours of 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm at 638-1565.

Fees and Rate Structure 

as of April, 2013

 1.        Rates at the Thornhill Community Centre shall be as follows:


            Booking and Damage                                                           $100.00  *refundable

            Cleanup Deposit                                                                  $100.00  *as required and refundable

            Rental Rates

            Hall Rental                                                                           $260.00 + GST

            Kitchen Rental - Full                                                              $  65.00 + GST

            Concession                                                                          $  20.00 + GST

            Adult - Hourly                                                                       $  18.00 + GST

            Youth - Hourly                                                                      $  12.00 + GST

            Set Up Rate (timing to be arranged)                                       $  45.00 + GST  *day before event

                                                                                                                      (minimum 3 hr fee @ $15/hr.)

            Socan Fee                                                                          $  59.17 + GST

            Cleanup Rates

            Full cleanup arranged by Regional District                               $230.00

            Renter's do own clean up not including floors                           $100.00 deposit + $80.00 floor fee

            Fee if insufficiently cleaned by user                                         $  20.00/hour

  2.       Fees are payable in advance as follows: 

            a)  Booking and damage deposit at time of booking.

            b)  Rental fees and cleanup deposit at least ten (10) days in advance of event.

  3.       Deposits will be refunded as follows:

            a)  Booking and damage deposit when at least two (2) weeks notice is given of cancellation.

            b)  Booking and damage deposit if not required to cover damages incurred.

            c)  Cleanup deposit when all cleanup has been completed to Regional District satisfaction.


 Event insurance is available through