Upper Skeena Recreation Centre-Hazelton

The Upper Skeena Recreation Centre is a function of the Regional District and through this function the Regional District provides a grant in aid to the Skeena Ice Arena Association. The Skeena Ice Arena Association is a non profit association that operates the Arena in the Hazletons area.  This grant in aid is funded by the taxpayors of the Hazeltons area.

The current arena has serious structural issues and the association has been advised that the arena needs to be phased out and decommissioned in the next few years.  For more information on the efforts to build a new facility please go to http://heartofthehazeltons.ca .

For Immediate Release, October 13, 2017 - Upper Skeena Recreation Centre Ground breaking.

Read the News Release: Re Governments of Canada and British Columbia Fund new Upper Skeena Recreation Centre.