Waste Diversion - ICI

Institutional, Commercial and Industrial - or ICI

Every business, community service, institution and household in the Terrace Area produces some sort of solid waste.

The Terrace Area Integrated Solid Waste Management Program includes a number of initiatives which will directly involve businesses and institutions over the next year. The City of Terrace and the Regional District will be working with all sectors, including industrial entities, as new strategies and services are brought on-line.

Where your business can dispose of materials ? See the new brochure
Project Update -2015- New Information for Septage Haulers

Waste Streams for Business:

In the near future,  businesses will transition to multiple streams such as organics, paper products and printed packaging and ‘garbage’.  “Organics” includes kitchen scraps and yard waste and currently accounts for about 40% of waste by weight that is currently thrown away. Organics contribute to the production of methane gas, landfill leachate and fill up landfills unnecessarily.  


NEW - Progressive Restrictions:

Some materials currently accepted at existing facilities, such as cardboard, e-waste (computers/monitors) or automotive batteries, will be progressively restricted prior to the opening of the new Transfer Station at Thornhill. Options for proper disposal of these materials will be clearly identified and/or established for all sectors, including businesses, institutions and residents.  In the future, these materials will not be landfilled or accepted at Terrace Area waste management facilities. 

NEW - Facilities:

Construction of new waste management facilities at the Thornhill Landfill site and the new Forceman Ridge Waste Management facility are expected to open by fall 2016.  The City of Terrace Landfill and the Thornhill Landfill sites will both close.