Zoning Bylaws

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine has a number of zoning bylaws.  Zoning bylaws divide up the land into different zones designating the type of uses and activities that can take place on the land.   They also include building information such as setbacks from property lines, the size and height of buildings and building within designated floodplains.  The following is a list of areas that are covered by a zoning bylaw.  

Zoning Bylaws:

The Regional District also has two Rural Land Use Bylaws for the following areas.

  • Meziadin
  • Bob Quinn

If you don't know what zoning bylaw applies to your property or you are unable view a copy of the zoning bylaw please call the Planning Department of the Regional District at 250-615-6100.    

Zoning Maps:

Thornhill Zoning Map

Lakelse Lake Zoning Map

Kispiox Valley Zoning Map 1 - South

Kispiox Valley Zoning Map 2 - North

Zoning bylaw maps are available for all zoning bylaws, if a zoning map is not listed above please contact the Planning Department of the Regional District at 250-615-6100.