Press Release - Thornhill Community Water System - October 11, 2017


Thornhill Community Water System
October 11, 2017

The Regional District of Kitimat–Stikine has issued a Boil Water Notice for everyone connected to the upper and lower Thornhill Community Water System.

Laboratory testing has confirmed the presence of low Total Coliform Bacteria in multiple areas of the system.   Total coliforms are a group of naturally occurring bacteria commonly found in the environment. They occur naturally in soil or vegetation, as well as mammals, including humans. Total coliform bacteria are not likely to cause illness, but their presence indicates that a water supply may be vulnerable to impacts by more harmful microorganisms.

The Regional District feels it is appropriate to take a precautionary approach while the issue is examined in greater detail.

Over the next few days, Regional District staff will be working diligently disinfecting water storage facilities and flushing the distribution system in advance of additional water quality testing.

We have engaged our Water Supply and primary Civil Engineering Consultants to assist with examining the cause of this concern and to correct the situation. The Regional District will work as quickly as possible to remediate the current water quality concern. 

The Thornhill Water Supply is sourced from two deep groundwater supply wells providing high quality water for consumers.  Under the guidance of a formal Groundwater Protection Program, the water quality at the wells is tested frequently with no indication of total coliforms within the well water source.

The system is maintained by experienced certified operators including regular distribution system flushing and weekly Total Coliform testing of the wells, storage reservoirs and many sampling sites throughout the distribution system. Until recently, testing results have confirmed no water quality concerns necessitating a boil water advisory.

The boil water advisory was issued on October 10, 2017 at 5 pm, the Regional District has forwarded the Boil Water Notice to the four main media outlets, posted the notice on our web page and hand delivered 113 notices to commercial business outlets, multi-family dwellings, schools and other high stakeholder traffic areas.

We will be maintaining updates on our web site, and will provide additional information to the media when available. Please share this information with your friends and neighbours.

The Regional District appreciates the impact this precautionary protective measure of boiling water has on its customers. We would request residents and businesses be patient and exercise caution while consuming Thornhill water until further notice. 

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding while staff works to resolve this issue.

For further information please contact Roger Tooms, Works and Services Manager, Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine.


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