The Thornhill Transfer Station is now operational and tipping fees, including a minimum fee of $10 are in effect.  For a quick summary see more.

All visitors will be required to “scale in”, deposit their materials and “scale out” with new tipping fees in effect.  A minimum charge of $10 applies.  See the bylaw and see the Solid Waste Bylaw

Public hours:  Winter (Nov. 1 - Apr. 30) Saturday, Sunday and Monday:    Noon – 5 pm
                       Summer (May 1 - Oct. 31) Saturday, Sunday and Monday:    Noon – 7 pm

Commercial hours:  Monday – Friday  9 am – 5 pm
                                Saturday:  Noon – 5 pm

Material that can be deposited at the Transfer Station include garbage, metal, yard and garden waste, clean wood, and demolition material. 

Materials not accepted at the Transfer Station include paper and cardboard, Extended Producer Responsibility program and take back products such as tires, car batteries, beverage containers, paints, used oil, outdoor power equipment and much more.   Over 200 common house and yard materials can be taken back at local depots.  See the brochure.

Residents in rural Terrace and the City of Terrace are encouraged to maximize their curbside collection of garbage, recyclables and organics collection.


See the map of Thornhill Transfer Station located at 3016 Old Lakelse Road 6 km from the 4-way stop of Highway #37 and Highway #16 along the Old Lakelse Lake Road.