Thornhill Governance Study

Thornhill’s governance was last examined comprehensively in the mid-1990s. That process led to a referendum in 1997 on the question of a possible amalgamation with the City of Terrace. Thornhill voters chose to stay as an Electoral Area within the Regional District.

In recent years, the Electoral Area Director for Thornhill and a group of residents have expressed an interest in re-examining the merits of alternative forms of local government for Thornhill, such as becoming a stand-alone municipality. The Regional District has been supportive of a renewed examination of governance options and has received provincial support for the process to examine different restructure scenarios for Thornhill, such as stand-alone incorporation, or a merger (amalgamation) with the City of Terrace. The Regional District has hired an independent team to facilitate the consultation process. Over the months of June and July 2018, they have sought input through a variety of methods from Thornhill residents and business owners, including public meetings, open-door sessions, stakeholder interviews and a community survey.

The fact sheets on this page allow you to see the consultation process undertaken to determine the level of interest and understanding of Thornhill residents (Electoral Area E) in considering change to their local governance.