Who are Commercial and Industrial Users?

If your waste is generated from large infrastructure projects such as a mine, personnel camp, or oil and gas projects, you are considered an Industrial user.

If your waste comes from institutions such as medical facilities, schools, grocery stores and restaurants, multi-family units, waste and septage hauler and general contractors, you are considered a Commercial user.

See important information for each type of User below:  


What you want to dispose of and where the disposal material  originates from will determine a potential disposal site.

You may need an account and you may need a permit to dispose of certain volumes and types of materials. 

See Terrace Area or the Hazeltons and Highway 37 North information.

Still need some help? Contact our Solid Waste Services staff or email them for advice.


Additional information has been prepared to help you manage your waste if you have a restaurant, a grocery store, are a general contractor or own a multi-family complex such as an apartment.

See our resources in the Related Documents folders for toolkits and brochures or feel to call or email our Solid Waste Services staff.

Terrace Service Area facilities include:

Thornhill Transfer Station,

Forceman Ridge Waste Management Facility and,

Rosswood Landfill.

To use this facility you will need an account with the Regional District.

Tipping fees apply.

You will need a Scale Card for each of the vehicles you intend to use to dispose of material.

You may need a Controlled Waste Permit:

Loads greater than 5 cubic meters require a Controlled Waste Application for a Permit,  and a scheduled disposal time at the Forceman Ridge Landfill.

You will need prior approval for your Application for a Controlled Waste Permit. This can take 2 - 10 business days to process and may require additional information and support documentation (advice or input from a qualified professional, or lab results for example).

You may need a Non-Controlled Waste Permit:

This depends on the volume and type of material you are disposing (organics for example)

General refuse and loads less than 5 cubic meters (excluding asbestos and soil) can go to the Thornhill Transfer Station during commercial hours.



Hazeltons and Highway 37 North Service area facilities include:

Kitwanga Transfer Station,

Hazelton Waste Management Facility,

Meziadin Landfill,

Stewart Transfer Station and,

Iskut Landfill.

Access to these facilities does not require an account. 

Tipping fees are not in effect except for Industrial Users.  Contact our Solid Waste Services staff for assistance.

Loads up to 30 cubic meters (excluding asbestos and soil) are accepted at the Kitwanga Transfer Station during regular operating hours. 

Loads greater than 5 cubic meters require a Controlled Waste Application and a scheduled disposal time at the Hazelton Landfill.

  1. Set up an Account with us, depending on your intended disposal location
  2. Arrange to get a Scale Card, depending on your intended disposal location
  3. Get your Approved Controlled Waste Permit (if applicable).  Bring a copy with you each trip.
  4. Remember to confirm hours of operations for each disposal site.
  5. Confirm more information depending on the Service Area (location you intend to dispose at) - Terrace Area or the Hazeltons.
Controlled Waste Application
Non-controlled Waste Application
Credit (Account) Application