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The award-winning Terrace Area Integrated Solid Waste Management Program (TAISWMP) was developed with a goal to minimize waste generation and maximize diversion of waste from the landfill. Terrace area facilities and programs include:

  • Thornhill Transfer Station
  • Forceman Ridge Waste Management Facility
  • Planning and community engagement
  • Curbside collection of organics, recycling, and garbage
Curbside Collection Overview

We offer  curbside collection of organics, recycling and garbage in the Greater Terrace area.

If you live within the City of Terrace, see the City of Terrace Garbage, Organics and Recycling page.

Curbside waste within the Curbsite Collection Service Area should follow these guidelines:

  • Waste should be at the curb by 8:00 am on the designated collection day, but no earlier than 10:00 pm the day before collection day
  • Collection days are Monday to Friday, excluding all statutory holidays, Boxing Day and Easter Monday. Pick-up will occur the next business day following a holiday.  See the schedule.
  • Weight limit: 23 kg (50 lbs.) for cans, bundles and bags
  • Place containers within 2 m of the road
  • Remove empty containers no later than 10:00 pm on collection day
  • Do not tie down container lids

Residents that produce extra medical-related waste can apply to have additional curbside garbage collected. Your  physician will need to fill out a portion of the application form. 

Residents unable to place their refuse at the curb due to health or mobility issues can apply to have the collection contractor enter their private property and remove their properly contained garbage, recycling, and organics.  You'll need your physician's signature to complete this application form.

Residents that have cleaned up an illegal dumpsite can apply for additional curbside bag tags. We will need before and after photos - and thanks very much for helping.  Use this form.

Curbside - Garbage

Garbage is collected every two weeks at the curb or can be brought to the Thornhill Transfer Station (tipping fees apply). Curbside garbage collection should follow these guidelines:

  • One 121 L can (max. weight of 23 kg / 50 lbs.) is accepted per collection
  • Garbage must be bagged and place inside a lidded, rigid, waterproof can
  • For additional garbage to be collected, purchase a single-use bag tag for $2 each at the RDKS office; a maximum of four bag tags may be used per collection
  • Recyclable items, bulky items (furniture and construction materials), appliances, electronics, liquids and organic materials will not be accepted in the garbage collection.
Curbside - Organics

You can make great soil by composting organics in your own backyard!

Organic material collected through curbside collection or at the Thornhill transfer station is composted at the GORE composting facility, located at the Forceman Ridge Waste Management Facility. Curbside organics collection should follow these guidelines:

  • Kitchen and food waste must be placed in lidded, rigid containers
  • Compostable bag liners are recommended to keep containers clean, reduce odors and reduce animal attractants.
  • Compostable liners may be used in containers but are not required
  • Do not use plastic or biodegradable bags (biodegradable plastic does not compost)
  • Six items are accepted per collection: up to two containers with lids containing kitchen or yard waste and up to four bundles or kraft paper bags of yard waste
  • Containers, bundles and kraft bags must not exceed 23 kg (50 lbs.). Containers must not exceed 99 L. Bundles must not exceed the dimensions of a kraft bag
  • Accepted materials:
    • Food-spoiled paper (napkins, paper plates, pizza boxes)
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Meat, fish, poultry, eggs (includes bones and shells)
    • Dairy (includes cheese and yogurt)
    • Tea bags, coffee grounds
    • Noodles, grains, rice, bread
    • Small amounts of oil and fat
    • Grass clippings and leaves
    • Weeds, plants and flowers (no noxious weeds)
    • Short branches, prunings, small pieces of wood (wooden coffee stir sticks)
    • Compostable plastics packaging (containers, disposable plates, cutlery)
    • Fecal matter
    • Animal waste
    • Diapers
    • Lumber or dimension wood products
    • Rocks, soil, sod
    • Biodegradable plastic bags
    • Plastic bags, wrap, or containers
Curbside - Recycling

Recycling is collected every two weeks at the curb or can be brought to Do-Your-Part Recycling (3467 Highway 16 E). Curbside recycling collection should follow these guidelines:

  • Unlimited amounts of recyclable printed paper and packaging materials are accepted each collection
  • Set out recycling loose (not bagged) in the provided RDKS bin. Additional recycling may be placed in an extra lidded bin that does not exceed 121L
  • Flatten cardboard and place it beside your recycling can
  • Rinse containers to remove food residue
  • Accepted curbside recycling materials:
    • Plastic packaging for toys and other household items
    • Spiral wound cans and lids for frozen juice concentrate, coffee, etc.
    • Plastic tubs for yogurt, margarine, etc.
    • Plastic pails less than 25 L for laundry detergent, etc.
    • Plastic packaging for shampoo, hand soap, etc.
    • Paper carry-out beverage trays
    • Cores from paper towel and toilet tissue
    • Paper gift wrap and gift bags
    • Paper bags for flour, sugar, etc.
  • NOT ACCEPTED in curbside collection:
    • Plastic bags and overwrap (bring to Do-Your-Part Recycling at 3467 Highway 16 E)
    • Glass (bring to Do-Your-Part Recycling at 3467 Highway 16 E)
    • Styrofoam (bring to Do-Your-Part Recycling at 3467 Highway 16 E)
    • Paper towels, napkins and tissues (dispose as organics)
    • Hangers, pots, pans, scrap metal (take to Thornhill Transfer Station)
    • Hard and soft cover books
    • Household hazardous waste, including needles, flammable / explosive / toxic materials
    • Electronics and appliances
    • Toys and games