The RDKS provides animal services in the Thornhill Area including pet adoption, dog control, and enforcement.

Important Considerations for Pet Adoption

  • Prepare for a long-term emotional and financial commitment.
  • Make time to interact with your pet.
  • Consider the allergies and health conditions of people in your home.
  • Consider your ability to provide an adequate amount of exercise for your pet.
Living situation
  • Check for restrictions on pets at your home.
  • Ensure you have enough space.
  • Consider your surrounding outdoor areas.
Selecting your pet
  • Choose the right pet for your personality and circumstances.
  • Research the behaviors and characteristics of the pet you're considering.
Adopting a dog
  • Licensing may be a requirement.
  • Your dog should wear a collar with the license tag.
  • Training in basic obedience is important.
  • Use a leash keeps your pet safe.
  • Your pet's waste needs to be cleaned up and properly disposed of.
Apply to Adopt an Animal
Dog Licenses
  • Thornhill Animal Shelter
    3856 Desjardin St, Thornhill
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