Wildfire Protection Planning

Wildfires pose a serious risk to people and properties. The intent of community wildlife protection plans and related preventative programs, is to reduce the threat to developments and communities from wildfires and to reduce the threat of fires starting in communities and spreading to surrounding wild lands.

The provincially funded Community Resiliency Investment (CRI) program is intended to reduce the risk and impact of wildfire to communities in BC through community funding, support and priority fuel management activities on provincial Crown land.

The program was launched in 2018 and more than 120 First Nations and local governments have received funding including our Regional District. 

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In BC, there is a critical need to strengthen public understanding of the risks and personal responsibilities associated with living in a fire-dependent ecosystem. 

FireSmart is a nationally recognized program designed to reduce wildfire risks by making homes and communities more fire-resilient. FireSmart principles have been shown to reduce the impact of wildfires on rural and urban properties, even under the most extreme fire conditions.
As a program, FireSmart™ is a key  to helping you understand how to reduce the risks and some practical tasks you can do in your neighborhood and property to guard against the  negative impacts of wildfire.

Regional District will be carrying out FireSmart™ activities over the next several months. Free  property assessments are available for residents in higher risk neighborhoods. By reducing the risks you may also be providing Firefighters with a better chance of saving your home in case of wildfire.

A rebate may be available to property owners for 50% of the costs to a maximum of $500 per property for completing fire smart activities related to your free assessment. Fire Smart House Branding
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