Assistance for non-profits/societies

Economic Development works with grant writers to support your projects. If you are a non-profit, society, charity, or even a small business, reach out today for help with:

-Identifying funding sources
-Reviewing proposals
-Planning projects
-Writing grant applications

Kindly note that not all projects/organizations are eligible to receive grant writing services. Economic Development will work with you through this process.

Please fill out the grant writing enquiry application below. We will review your information.

Grant Writing Enquiry Application

Grant Writing Enquiry Application

Organization name:

Organization mailing address:
Primary contact for organization:
Title within organization:
Email address:
Phone number:
Registered society/charitable organization number:
Description of what you are seeking funding for:

Do you know which grant you would like to apply for?


Have you prepared a budget that includes relevant quotes?


*If you answered "No", please re-submit when a detailed budget has been prepared.


If the grant does not support 100 percent of the project cost, how will you fund the remainder?


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