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The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to process an application for the disposal of controlled waste.

* Waste Management Facilities:

(Note: Normal Processing Period is 7-10 Days. ALL deliveries prior to account approval must pay on site by credit or debit card during regular public hours )


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Please provide LOCAL companies only for reference; not Utility or Oil Companies



Conditions of Account

by and between RDKS and (herein called “applicant”).

1. Facilities:

The following solid waste disposal facilties are available to the applicant:

  1. Thornhill Transfer Station, 3016 Old Lakelse Lake Road
  2. Forceman Ridge Waste Management Facility, 3112 Highway 37
  3. Kitwanga Transfer Station, 898 Highway 37
  4. Hazelton Waste Management Facility, 82 Birch Road
  5. Meziadin Landfill, 14512 Highway 37

** This account is strictly for the use of the above named company. Cards for Thornhill Transfer Station and Forceman Ridge WMF will be assigned to specific vehicles and are to only be used by that vehicle. Access to Forceman Ridge WMF requires an appointment prior to tipping**

2. Payment:

  1. Charges are subject to the provisions of the RDKS Bylaw 671 and 688, establishing fees and regulations for the deposit of waste at the Regional District’s Terrace Area Waste Management Facilities and Hazelton and Highway 37 North Area Waste Management Facilities. Billing is monthly and must be paid in full to the RDKS by the due date shown on the invoice.
  2. Interest charges are applied to overdue accounts at the rate of 18% per year as imposed by Bylaw 671 and 688. Interest is part of the balance and will be considered as arrears if unpaid.
  3. A service charge of $40.00 is levied against all dishonored cheques. The service charge is in addition to any fee charged by the Applicant’s financial institution.
  4. Payments will be sent to the RDKS office at Suite 300, 4545 Lazelle Avenue, Terrace, BC, V8G 4E1. Cheques are to be made payable to Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine.

3. Suspension of Privileges:

If the Applicant’s account is overdue, the RDKS may, at its sole and absolute discretion and without notice to the Applicant, suspend the Applicant’s available credit under this agreement. Suspension will result in only being able to deposit waste at any of the above facilities on a pre-pay basis. Pre-payment will occur by providing pre-authorized Credit Card use.

4. Termination:

  1. The RDKS may terminate the account at any time and for any reason by delivering a notice of such termination to the applicate at the email address listed above, to the fax number listed above or to the Applicant’s billing address listed above, whether or not the Applicant has defaulted on any of its obligations herein.
  2. Without limiting Section 4a), the RDKS may terminate this agreement if the Applicant’s account has been suspended two times in the same calendar year.
  3. Without limiting Section 4a) The RDKS may terminate the Account if the quantity of Waste Disposed by the Applicant results in a billing charge of less than $500 per month, for 6 consecutive months.
  4. Terminated Applicants may deposit further waste at the facilities on a pre-pay basis, subject to the reason the account was terminated.

5. Access Cards:

The Applicant shall be fully and completely responsible for all such charges to the Access Cards, regardless of how such charges have been incurred or by whom.

* The Applicant confirms and assumes all liability for the cards safe keeping and use with the facilities.

6. Lost/Stolen Cards:

  1. The Applicant shall be liable for and shall pay to RDKS in accordance with the terms of this Agreement the full amount of all transactions in respect of the use of the lost or stolen Card(s), including credit charges as provided in the Credit Application Account Agreement.
  2. Lost or stolen cards are to be reported immediately for deactivation. The applicant shall remain liable for charges that occurred prior to deactivation.

7. Replacement and Additional Cards:

Applicants requiring replacement cards will be charged an administration fee of $30 per card.

8. Insurance:

The Applicant has secured and maintain insurance coverages for personnel and equipment which enter the facilities of the RDKS under this Agreement, as follows:

  1. Work Safe BC Worker’s Compensation Insurance covering the liability under applicable worker’s compensation law.
  2. ICBC Automotive Insurance for all vehicles entering the facilities, with General Comprehensive insurance covering public liabilityand property damages in a combined single limit of not less than $2,000,000, each occurrence, for death or injury to any person orfor property damages as a result of any one occurrence which may arise out of in connection with performances under this agreement.

I verify the above information to be correct and true, and hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this account. Signatories must be authorized signatories of the company.



Owner 1

Owner 2, if applicable

The information below must be supplied to permit processing access cards. Multiple vehicles will require multiple cards so please provide info for each vehicle - no exceptions. Cards will be loaded with the information supplied below. Consistent users of the landfill can speed up the process by supplying the refuse type.
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