We continually strive to improve and expand services and programs. There are a wide variety of major initiatives and projects underway throughout our Regional District.  Many of these projects are funded through Federal and Provincial grants along with funds from local service area residents.


New Solid Waste Management Plan

The Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) will provide direction for how we will reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of our waste for the 5 - 10 years. We are developing a new SWMP to enhance the existing programs and chart a path forward for the future of solid waste management in the RDKS.

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Two Mile Water

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine has secured $4.787 million to provide the Lower Two Mile Community with a safe and affordable municipal water service.

The Lower Two Mile Water System will serve approximately 210 residents and will significantly improve public health, fire protection standards and help to strengthen the Hazleton Area in general.

Up to $4.787 million will be received from the Federal Gas Tax Fund to offset the estimated $4.9 total project cost. The balance of the project costs will be funded by the benefitting service area residents.

The preliminary design work on this project has begun.

March 9, 2018 Press Release.

Solid Waste Management Facilities - Hazelton Phase 2 and Stewart Transfer Station

Several solid waste management projects have been identified and are underway in the Hazelton and Highway 37 North Service area. These projects have been funded with Federal and Provincial grants along with funding from the local service area residents through taxation.

Hazelton Waste Management Facility - Phase 2 is still under construction.  Improved environmental controls are now in place with the final waste water treatment facility in the final stages of completion.

The Kitwanga Transfer Station is now complete with the site including recycling bays for the diversion of typical household recyclables. Residual waste is transferred to Hazelton Waste Management Facility.

The Stewart Landfill has been closed, as it does not meet BC Ministry of Environment standards.  Regional District managed the landfill closure,  and construction of a new Transfer Station facility on the site.  We also manage solid waste programs and services in Stewart as part of the Hazelton and Highway 37 North Service Area. 

The Stewart Transfer Station officially opened in October 2019. Household garbage will continue to be collected from community dumpsters and hauled to the Stewart Transfer Station.  From there, the garbage is hauled for disposal at the Meziadin Landfill.

Recyclable materials are collected at the Stewart Transfer Station Diversion Center. These materials include printed paper and packaging, cardboard, electronics and small appliances, paint, smoke alarms, CO detectors, batteries, cell phones, light bulbs, and residential lighting fixtures. 

The District of Stewart will continue to collect and haul waste and operate the Transfer Station under contract to the Regional District.

Skeena and Lower Kitsumkalum Rivers Channel Management Program