If you are having an issue, please complete one of our online forms below and feel free to call our office during regular business hours for further assistance.

Unsightly Premises

Bylaw 373 
Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form 

If you encounter a property that you feel is run down and unattractive – perhaps dragging down the neighborhood, please let us know.  You can fill in the on-line form or use the Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form. The Bylaw Enforcement Officer will review the submission and will be in contact if any further information is required. 

Noise Disturbance

Noise Bylaw 265  
Noise Bylaw 313 
Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form 

Noise disturbances from social or other events often occur after our regular business hours so our staff may not be able to resolve the issue when it happens, at the time.  If after hours,   
please contact the RCMP. 

Of course, if the issue is occurring Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4: 30 pm, please contact the Bylaw Officer at 250-615-6100 or submit a Bylaw Complaint Form to ensure we receive your information. 

We have two Bylaws that address issues of Noise Disturbance.   

  • If you live in Thornhill (Electoral Area E) see full details in Bylaw 265.
  • For other area in the Regional District (Electoral Areas A, B, C and D), see Bylaw 313.
Dog Control

Dog Control Complaint Form 
Bylaw 641,  2014 

If you live in Thornhill or Copperside and have an issue with a dog who is barking, roaming at large or is aggressive please provide information for follow up.  

For all other areas, please contact the RCMP. 

Streetlight Outage
Fill out our online form here.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is an issue that is managed by the Province of BC.  In most cases the illegal dumping has occurred on road allowances or 'crown' land. Please report all suspected incidents of unlawful dumping to the RAPP Line.


If you prefer, you should contact the BC Conservation Officer 24-hour hotline to report a violation: 

1-877-952-7277 or,  
#7277 on the TELUS Mobility Network

Fish and Wildlife Issues
For more information on how to report Fish or Wildlife issues please click here:  https://www.rdks.bc.ca/cms/one.aspx?pageId=15029721