Dease Lake and Area Assigned Formal House Numbering
Posted on 09/04/2019
Through a Regional District program implemented for Dease Lake and area, properties have been assigned a civic address.

The main purpose of the addressing is to provide a quick and easy reference of properties for Ambulance, Fire or RCMP.

Property owners will receive more information in the mail including tips on where to post and how to best display 'House Numbers'.  A convenient "fridge magnet"  that includes emergency numbers for RCMP, Fire, Ambulance, the Health Centre along with space for a phone number and the new address is also enclosed.

The assignment of a civic address will not affect mailing addresses or postal codes in any way.
Questions or concerns regarding the civic addressing program can be directed to Regional District's Mapping / GIS Coordinator @ 1-800-663-3208 or [email protected]