RDKS partners with Recycle BC
Posted on 08/29/2022
RDKS press release for immediate release on Aug. 29, 2022

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine is pleased to announce it will be partnering with Recycle BC’s (RBC) curbside recycling program this year.

Under this new partnership all curbside recycling collected by the Regional District will be managed through Recycle BC, eliminating post-collection costs to the service. While this partnership may be new, no changes to the types of materials collected will take place. All current accepted and non-accepted materials will remain the same.

This partnership will now provide “curbside collection financial incentives” for the collection of recyclable paper and packaging from area households. These incentives will stabilize the cost of the program and reduce the need for future rate increases. The RDKS will also be providing new standardized recycling bins to residents that use the curbside service. These bins are scheduled for delivery in early fall, 2022.

To best take advantage of these incentives, contamination must be kept to a minimum. Contamination levels for curbside collection have to be kept below three percent to ensure that our materials can be appropriately recycled without issue. If you have any questions or want to learn more on what materials go where, please visit the RDKS’ website at www.rdks.bc.ca or Recycle BC’s website at www.recyclebc.ca.

A comment from the RDKS Board Chair, Phil Germuth:
“Joining the Recycle BC curbside program has been a long-standing goal of the Regional District. This partnership will benefit recycling in the Terrace Area for years to come and provide financial stability to the service.”

More info to come in the following weeks.

About Recycle BC:

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper product recycling throughout British Columbia, servicing over two million households through curbside, multi-family and/or depot services. Recycle BC also works in partnership with over 100 local governments across the province, including the City of Terrace. In 2021 over 210,000 tonnes of material was collected from households and depots.

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